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Asia Hotel Public Company Limited recognizes priority of privacy and personal data of our customers or interested party, who involved in electronics transactions on company website ( and any contact channel. Then the company had established policy and practice regarding privacy and personal information management to regulate, collect, apply or disclose user personal information making safety and credibility adhering the Data Privacy Protection Act B.E. 2562 or other related legislation as following;


“Company” means Asia Hotel Public Company Limited
“Personal Information” means related personal information, which be able to identify specific individuals, both direct and indirect, divided to 2 categories;
(1) General Personal Information means the information that indicate user identification on our company website included in verbal, written or electronical communication such as name-surname, sex, birthday, age, status, address, career, working address, telephone number, fax. number, email or other personally identifiable information for example fingerprint, voice record and picture.
(2) Sensitive Personal Information means specify identification information, which are delicate and effect to data owner for example racial, religion, education, financial status, health record, criminal record, career background, activity history or other information resulted to reputation or discrimination. The company will collect, use and disclose those information when data owner consent and in accordance with the law

The company may collect data as following;
• Personal Information, Identification Information and Contact Information for example name-surname, name title, sex, racial, birthday, address, telephone number, mobile number, fax number, email, education background, working address, salary, insurance information, personally-identifying information issued by government (identification number, driver license, tax identification number), signature, copy of house registration, immigration information, passport and visa information, postal address, payment address and contact person information (phone number and contract from communication history)
• Guest Information such as guest number, room number, traveling plan, reservation record, checking in and out information, cancellation date and guest comments and feedbacks.
• Payment Information for example credit card information, debit card information, bank account details and payment history.
• IT Devices Data Recorded such as IP address, Internet Protocols IP address, Cookies
• Information on the Behavior such as customer’s purchasing behavior or feedback data.
• Profiling Information for example account username and password, picture, purchasing record, service reservation, financial details, preferences and interests, comments and surveys.
• Information of Family Member and the accompanying person for instance name and age of your child.
• Data from CCTV for example picture and video from CCTV and internet, which recorded in the company area.
• Other Information such as Company Registration information (corporate customers), Police Report (office and retail tenant), Personal information regarding your company for example signature and interacted communication.
• Sensitive Personal Information for example health record (food allergy), disability report, racial and religion.

“Subscriber” signify the owner of personal data, who is the company customer or third party, throughout electronics services on the company website (, Mobile Application or other electronics services of the company, included in other network in the company.
“Data Subject” means the owner of information, the legal representative, the curator or the guardian of data owner, included in spouse and statutory heir.

2. Objectives

The company has been collected, gathered, applied or disclosed personal information of customers for the following objectives;

2.1 For the company service convenience for example customer communication, sale, room reservation, banquet room booking, rental area tenant, etc.

2.2 For survey customers feedback, which advantages service quality improvement and reviews the company service for the better performance.

2.3 To advantage and implement the company’s objectives as define on the company website.

2.4 To comply with the laws, statute, regulations or statement that government designated the company to adhere.

2.5 For the organization transactions, including in buying, selling, transferring or distributing business, consolidation or other similar activities. The company might transfer your information to the assignee and/or company. This could be a particular or numerous, which are participants part of the activity. It includes our group companies and subsidiaries under ASIA Hotel Group.

2.6 To protect the company benefits, when compulsory and lawful for example detection, protection and response to fraudulent complaints. Together with, for manage and defend capital loss, tracking and reporting criminal issues and maintaining the validity of the company business. Purposely, in case of company objectives regarding personal data collecting changed, the company will inform customers every time on the company website (, by email, or written notice at the company at least 30 days. The company will create memorandum as evidentially. Moreover, the company will not disclose, present or reveal that inappropriate with personal data collecting objectives. This except the data owner consent by written notice to reveal their information or complied with required law or court orders.

3. Enforcement
To compel employees and third party of the company, who be able to access personal information.

4. Limitation of Personal Information Use

The company will not distribute, transfer or disclose the collected personal information to third party without the data owner consent. This had to be a written notice or complied with required law or court orders to reveal the information.

5. Limit of Personal Information Gathering and Personal Information Quality

The company has gathered customers’ personal information as legally and fairly treated. The company has stored only necessary information as such for providing services as prescribed in company objective and required law. By approval process, the company requires customers to approve through company’s website, mobile application or other electronics communication before collecting information excepted complied with required law or previous mentioned in this policy. The company has kept this information confidentially. Furthermore, the company has always placed importance on completeness and updates of the kept information.

6. Personal Information Security

The company has appropriate measures for personal information security as following

6.1 Providing personal information security measures by compile and develop the company information technology security system according to international standards.

6.2 In case detectable or having reasonable suspicious event of leaked customer personal information from the company collection, the company will cope with the event according to previous mentioned policy. Including in, the company will inform the personal data owner to adjust their security protection.

6.3 To raise awareness and responsibility regarding information technology security. To raise awareness of employees to adhere policy strictly and protect the information in order not to data loss, access, destroy, using, modify, correct or disclose the personal information without consent.

7. Disclosure of Privacy Management and Personal Information Making Policy and Policy Practices.

Company will reveal privacy management and personal information policy and practice to users. In case the policy and practice have developed, the company will release through company website ( Besides, users would like to verify existence, nature of the information and information implementing objectives, users can contact company to verify at the company office.

8. Rights of the Personal Data Owner

8.1 Having rights to claim the company to reveal personal information details by filled form and objective of implementation at the company and its subsidiary office. Later the company received request, the company will process as appropriated legally time since received the form.

8.2 Having rights to request company correct, develop or complete included in refusing in storing data, collecting, withdrawal consent, processing, deleting personal data, transferring etc. By the requested, the company will consider and process within appropriated legally time and recorded activity as an evidence.

9. Personal Information Controller Responsibility

The company states authorized employee, who responded to maintaining, collecting, applying and disclosing customer personal information with the company policy and practices of personal information protection. As the company policy and practices published, the employees required to strictly comply and there has penalty for violated employees as the company regulations.

10. Displaying of Related Personal Informative to Other Organizations

The company has provided related personal informative to other organizations through customers electronics transaction such as direct debit from bank account and etc. By this process, user information will be kept as confidential both document and electronical information included in data transmission processing.

11. Personal Information Applying and Disclosure

The company will not disclose collected personal information to other third parties excepted any consent from data owner or required by law to be disclosed.

12. Information Gathering from Different Sourcing

The company has combined the collected information from website and mobile application users with third parties information as such company, representative/agent, bank, partners by assigned the company officer to strictly comply with policy and practices regarding to privacy and personal information management.

13. Personal Information Gathering, Classify and Usage

The company gather, classify and use personal information of customers as the company objectives, which described previously. This includes in Cookies, Demographic Information and Log Files records from the company website and other approaches. If the company has gathered and applied personal information, the company will set practical guideline as acceptable standards and in accordance with the laws.

14. Duration of Personal Information Gathering and Withdrawal Consent

The company has gathered personal information only reasonable period to comply with legal and the company objectives. In the event, personal data owner would withdrawal their consent for gathering or processing the data. The owner has to inform to withdrawal consent at head quarter office and the company will consider to process the withdrawal consent event in timely and such a recording the owner informed as a proof.

15. Exclusion

The company has no responsibility taken for any damages caused from personal information disclosing to third party or reckless and negligent from appropriated logging out process after completed using. This included in the usage without safety of information technology security.

16. Revising Privacy and Personal Information Managing Policy

The company consider to revise and develop privacy and personal information managing policy, together updated to the accepted standards and efficiency services as related law presently. The company suggests that users should read privacy and personal information managing policy, when serves the company website (, Mobile application, or other approaches of the company.

17. Company Contact

If customer has any inquiry, suggestion or comment regarding to the privacy and personal information managing policy or practical, the company glad to respond to develop company services by contact us at;

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